e rostrum, and their voices became louder. He quickly stood up and said, “Let’s stop studying here for today. Let’s

e rostrum, and their voices became louder. He quickly stood up and said, “Let’s stop studying here for today. Let’s
all disperse!” They dispersed in a hurry, and everyone didn’t understand why they were gathering today. However, the factory was currently shut down, and there was nothing to do anyway. Come and leave as you were asked.
/Fang Yue mingled with the crowd and walked slowly out. The colleague behind him cursed: “Damn, I really thought it was for salary, but I farted for a while and it was over.” ”
Yeah, look at how strong He Xiaobo is. , It’s so shameless!”
“Stop it, haven’t you seen what Factory Director Ji has become? Think more about your wife and children, and be honest!”
“What a good factory, but these people have turned it into such a horrible thing. There is no place for reason in this world, alas!”
After hearing these words, Fang Yue clenched his hands into fists and left the auditorium with his head lowered. After taking a few steps away, he suddenly looked back. The auditorium, built in the early 1980s, was tall, majestic and majestic. It was once the glory and symbol of Qingzhou Chemical Plant and the envy of other state-owned enterprises. Even the then Qingzhou Municipal Party Committee Secretary joked He said that when the municipal committee holds enlarged meetings in the future, they will have to borrow a venue from the Qinghua Chemical Plant.
The words still ring in my ears, but in more than ten years, Qinghua Chemical Plant will enter the twilight of doomsday just like this auditorium that is gradually gathering dust.
He Xiaobo walked out of the gate of Qinghua Chemical Factory alone. After joining Yuan Dazhu, some of his former friends avoided him. Yuan Dazhu’s circle had not yet integrated into him, so he seemed alone and lonely. He didn’t know why the original plan was canceled, and he wasn’t qualified to know what was happening in the city. He had always been a small person, and he couldn’t be any smaller. Anyway, the bankruptcy of the Qinghua Chemical Plant was a foregone conclusion. It didn’t matter if he was one day early or one day late. .
He Xiaobo took a taxi to a small restaurant, ordered a few side dishes, and drank to himself. The excitement of being on the podium for the first time, Xia Zhizhong’s unceremonious ridicule, and Section Chief Yang’s gloating smile, all come together one by one. Things flashed before my eyes. After half a bottle of wine was finished, the evil fire in my heart not only did not dissipate, but became stronger and heavier. The charming proprietress brought a plate of preserved eggs. I was aroused by the cheap and pungent fragrance on her body, and somehow I thought of Su Rui again. Strong desire suddenly filled my mind, and there seemed to be a kitten trembling in my chest. , itchy and uncomfortable all over, as if it was about to explode.
He Xiaobo threw the wine glass away and shouted: “Lady boss, let’s settle the score!”
There has always been a kind of person who thinks that his talents are not appreciated, works hard but