nterstellar Federation has changed over the past few thousand years?” the God of Justice shook his head and said.

The interstellar federation investigated by the five gods was an investigation conducted after the three major worlds converged ten thousand years ago. After nearly ten thousand years, perhaps affected by the battle stars, the will of the interstellar federation’s big world has changed.
“Then we should cultivate another god and send it to the Interstellar Federation?” the God of Wealth asked.
/Although there are only five gods in the divine world, it is not that the five gods have not cultivated gods during this period, but the cultivation of these gods has a clear purpose.
If there is an extremely dangerous action, the five gods will choose a demigod, or a believer close to a demigod, for training. With sufficient resources, it is easy to cultivate a god.
It’s just that even if these gods can complete the assigned tasks, they will be required to fall into a deep sleep when they return safely, unable to spread their beliefs in the divine world.
“It’s better to wait until the evil gods from ‘Twilight of the Gods’ are dealt with before exploring the Interstellar Federation. The evil gods from ‘Twilight of the Gods’ should be desperate this time, and they might do something big!” the God of Knowledge reminded in a deep voice. .
Lieutenant Colonel Frank’s hovercraft is parked on the apron on the rooftop of Emma’s villa. As Emma’s brother, Major Frank is one of the few people who can get close to the villa.
“Brother, you’re here just in time, let’s have dinner together!” Emma stood on the rooftop and looked at Lieutenant Colonel Frank with a smile.
Lieutenant Colonel Frank was still a lieutenant a few years ago. Even with the help of his family, he could not be promoted to lieutenant colonel in a few years.
A large part of the reason why he was promoted to lieutenant colonel came from Emma’s relationship with Admiral David.
Just one day after the news that General David became a god spread throughout the federal army, Frank received news of his promotion, from major to lieutenant colonel.
This is definitely an exceptional promotion for an officer who has no military merit and has not yet reached the promotion years.
Lieutenant Colonel Frank also knew this very well. He came here this time because he wanted to meet Emma and thank her in person. Even if they are brothers and sisters, this kind of help requires a visit.
Of course, Lieutenant Colonel Frank most wanted to meet General David, but he knew through contact before coming that General David had not returned.
“Emma, ??can you contact General David? My promotion this time is an extremely important promotion. I want to thank him in person!” Lieutenant Colonel Frank still had a glimmer of hope and said to Emma.
Being promoted to lieutenant general at the age of Lieutenant Colonel Frank is very promising to enter the general level, especially with the background of General David.
“It’s not an important matter. It’s better not to contact David