ngs, and the game continued.

ngs, and the game continued.
Nowitzki was tightly guarded. Sun Hao ran without the ball and came out to catch the ball and faked a three-pointer.
Porter fought hard to catch up, but was completely passed by this time.
Sun Hao made a fake shot and reached the inside to see Duncan save and lay the ball to Laettner. The latter finally made a quick shot and scored two points.
The Mavericks rarely get into position once.
Duncan continued to be double-teamed as he caught the ball in the frontcourt, and this time the ball went to Porter.
Sun Hao did not pounce very close, but directly retaliated with tooth, using the trash talk that Deng Huade taught him before.
“Don’t you dare shoot, you haven’t scored a three-pointer from outside.”
“Shoot, I won’t guard you, but you can’t score either.” It
was a clean trash talk, but it made Porter very angry.
When he was young, he was close to 17+10 in Portland for several consecutive seasons. He was a star of the last century.
Sun Hao has absolutely no respect for an old player like him.
He just threw it.
But just as he was shooting, Sun Hao suddenly pounced on him quickly.
That posture showed that he was well prepared.
Porter’s three-pointer was interfered with and hit the frame.
His expression was extremely surprised, because just now Sun Hao said not to be defensive but he was still defensive, shameless!
/Sun Hao ignored him completely and ran forward.
In fact, when Deng Huade taught him those rubbish words, he didn’t pay much attention.
Because he feels that NBA veterans are not so easily angered.
But after so many games, he found that reality was very different from what he imagined.
The biggest reason is probably that he is a rookie, and the trash talk he spews is disrespectful and hurts Buff.
Unless you are a veteran who has been immersed in trash talk masters like Bird, Payton, and Reggie Miller for several years, it is easy to fall into this trap.
The Mavericks quickly broke into the frontcourt, and this time Porter used up all the gas in the tank to catch up with Sun Hao.
After receiving the ball, Sun Hao saw Nowitzki running to the frontcourt. After a fake pass, he collected the ball and stepped back to shoot a three-pointer.
This ball was difficult, but after getting the veteran dribbling badge, he could feel that the ball was getting rid of more smoothly, and he knew it was inseparable the moment he released it.
Dallas’ rim didn’t let him down, leaving the door wide open for him to enter.
“Try harder and you can guard me.”
After Sun Hao scored, he looked at Porter and said.
Classic Jordan trash talk, here you go.
Porter spoke first, but Sun Hao’s counterattack was much more ferocious than he imagined.
This time, he finally became angry.
But Sun Hao’s reaction this time was completely different from the previous two games.
This is man, when something he is accustomed to suddenly changes, even if it does not seem to be the right thing to do, he will feel deeply offended.
“How dare you do t