l highway in the middle of the night and had another misunderstanding about car repairs.

l highway in the middle of the night and had another misunderstanding about car repairs.
Of course, a large part of the reason why Tang Ye changed his opinion was because Wen Liang ignored the past and was willing to take risks to rescue her from the predicament. She is not a careless woman, and she will not really put all the blame on Wen Liang. She just said that because the relationship between the two has always been bad, and she is unwilling to say that she owes him a favor, but she also feels it in her heart. You know, this favor is huge!
“I can help you ask about this matter, but whether it can be successful or not depends on Secretary Yu’s attitude!”
Wen Liang mentioned Yu Peidong just now, and he calmly reminded Tang Ye where he should start. Tang Ye understood it without any pretense, and happily agreed to help Wen Liang once.
The gentle and humble uncle’s personality suddenly broke out, and he smiled and said: “Didn’t we make it clear? Why is Director Tang so merciful again?”
Tang Ye looked at the vase on the bedside, where the flowers brought by Wen Liang were inserted. His expression softened for the first time, and he said, “I like this bouquet of calla lilies!” The
flower language of calla lilies is eternal cleanliness!
Is it true that every person who is ups and downs in this world has a blooming flower of his own in his heart?
After Wen Liang settled Tang Ye’s matter, Teng Jinglin finally approved the shooting plan for the advertisement, focusing on eight words: healthy, delicious, fast, and fashionable. Originally, the last one was “fresh”, but when Wen Liang reviewed it, he felt Healthy and delicious originally have fresh meanings, so there is no need to repeat them. However, fashion can improve Qinghe’s brand quality and attract more young people, so we made a change.
The next week, Teng Jinglin led a professional team to start intense shooting work. At the same time, Fan Bo led the Bencao Ruolan inspection team to Jiangdong, preparing to conduct field visits to the cities they had contacted during this period, starting from Guanshan. Conduct research to find a suitable location for the company to settle down.
/The so-called inspection and research generally take into account many aspects such as transportation factors, preferential policies, investment environment, labor costs, etc. But in the final analysis, it still depends on how to maximize the company’s interests. As for supporting local construction and benefiting the people of a certain area, it is incidental. Reasons do not become the basis for decision-making.
This has nothing to do with the factors mentioned above. The only reason is that Wen Liang must take Wen Huaiming’s career into consideration. In the past, Qinghe Soybean Milk was used as a basis for criticism by Gu Shitong. If the larger Materia Medica Ruolan stayed in Qingzhou, it would sooner or later become a time bomb.
/Fan Bo and his party first went to Guanshan, then Fengtai, Linze, and then transferred to Qingzhou (after all, they had to give some face t