alked quickly to the third-class car.

Klein looked away, confirmed his destination again, and waited for the carriage door to close.
At this moment, he heard another messy and rapid footsteps, and then saw several men wearing black coats and half-top hats rushing into the car.
Klein, who was chasing the fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy just now, came up with this idea intuitively.
He shook his head slightly and continued to read his newspaper and map, no different from other passengers in the carriage.
“Did you see a teenage boy wearing an old coat?” One of the men who rushed into the carriage looked at the conductor fiercely and said.
Klein used the corner of his eye to see that the opponent was thin and lean. His skin color was darker as if he had been exposed to the sun for a long time, and his eye sockets were much sunken than those of normal Loen Kingdom people.
Highlander or mixed race, he nodded thoughtfully.
In the middle of the Northern Continent, at the beginning of the Honakis Mountains, is a plateau with a dry climate. Most of it belongs to the Kingdom of Feneport, with the Republic of Titus to the west and the Kingdom of Loen to the east. The indigenous people are skinny. Being barbaric but brave and good at fighting has been one of the most troublesome problems in the three countries for a long time in the past. However, with the improvement of gunpowder weapons and the changes in the form of warfare, these plateau people finally recognized the reality clearly and surrendered completely.
A large number of them left the plateau, entered Backlund, entered Trier, entered the city of Feneport, and entered various prosperous cities and ports in the northern continent. Some became workers, and some became the fresh blood of local gangs. , dare to fight and kill, and are not afraid of serious trouble.
The flight attendant was a man in his twenties. Hearing this, he shrunk and pointed in the direction of the third-class carriage:
“I saw him go there.”
/The leader, who was wearing a black coat and a top hat, nodded invisibly, led several of his accomplices, and rushed to the third-class carriage without any concern for the gazes of the surrounding passengers.
If I were that boy, I would have gotten off the third-class carriage by now. Klein thought idly while reading the newspaper.
More than a minute later, the whistle sounded, and the carriage door slowly closed.
Bang, bang, bang, clang, the steam subway started running from slow to fast, but at this moment, Klein was suddenly moved and looked up at the doors leading to other second-class carriages.
The fifteen or sixteen-year-old boy wearing an old coat, a round hat, and a worn-out satchel walked slowly into the carriage.
He has a green face, delicate features, and bright red eyes that are focused and serious.
“It’s amazing. I got off the third-class carriage, went around in a circle and came to the first-class carriage again. I’m afraid the pursuers and accomplices are waiting in the subway station.” Klein was a little surprised, but he felt t