Then, he wrote the words black uncle. Another thread was used to connect the black uncle and the God of Death, with a question mark in the middle.
“Uncle Black, who is he? The messenger of Death, the enemy of Death, or nothing at all? That’s all there is to it. The possibility that he is Death himself is very low and can almost be ruled out. The messenger of Death is But he helped the person who deceived the God of Death, and he also said that the God of Death did not like deception. If he had deceived the God of Death, the God of Death would have killed him long ago. So, he is the enemy of the God of Death? Are you kidding me? A mortal, the God of Death. Enemy? My mind is probably confused. Ordinary people? Forget it.” Yin Kuang said with a wry smile, and circled the words “black uncle” a few more times.
Then, Yin Kuang began to recall what the black man said.
When they first met, he said: “You shouldn’t be here, but you show up anyway. You broke Death’s rules, and” what else?
“You have deceived more than just the God of Death.” Then, who else have you deceived?
/“Everything depends on your own choice.” Choice? What to choose?
Then, this morning, the black uncle warned them to leave the city. He also said, “What you have done has angered the God of Death.”
“It seems that talking to that black uncle is a top priority!” Yin Kuang thought.
What did Yin Kuang and others do to anger the God of Death?
Cheating death, or saving those who must die!
/A line connects the “God of Death” and the “Principal”. Yin Kuang murmured: “Although it may be far away. But sooner or later, I will understand these problems. Principal, why do universities exist, and what are their unknown purposes? Through such lessons method, and what kind of existence do you want to cultivate?”
Thinking this, Yin Kuang turned his head, frowning and staring at the feasting outside the window.
Yin Kuang held a map and walked while looking at it. Anyway, he is really in a safe period, so there is no need to worry about Death’s design. But Qian Qianqian, who was following Yin Kuang, couldn’t be as leisurely as Yin Kuang. At this time, she was following Yin Kuang step by step, her little head turning left and right, her face full of inexplicable fear, and her two little hands clenched tightly together.
Why did Qian Qianqian follow Yin Kuang instead of Li Shuangmu? It’s simple to say, but a little complicated. After Yin Kuang returned to the camp last night, everyone discussed how to deal with the upcoming tasks. The final result of the discussion was grouping! Follow the plot characters separately and be ready to rescue them at any time. A total of 9 people were divided into five groups. Yin Kuang was in a group. The remaining eight people work in pairs. Bai Lu and Ouyang Mu formed a team and were responsible for tracking the girl with glasses. Then Li Shuangmu and Qian Qianqian teamed up to follow Nathan. Tang Rouyu and Zeng Fei were in charge of Dennis. Wei Ming and Pan Longtao team up to follow the male protagonist Sam. Only t