er pretend to be a prude. When the music was about to reach the chorus, Wang Bo’s hand around Zeng Siqi’s waist was pulled hard, and a slightly weak , but her fragrant body leaned against his chest.

In this life, things have completely turned around. Among all the classmates in high school, apart from Liang Ya, Sun Li and classmate Liao Xiaoqing, Zeng Siqi can probably be said to be the classmate who spent the most time alone with him, because Zeng Siqi became his golf partner. Throughout his sophomore year and the first half of his senior year, almost every week, he played table tennis with his opponent two or three times in the Sifang Gymnasium, for about an hour each time. Even in the busy second semester of high school, I would play at least once a week.
However, Wang Bo definitely didn’t play with each other to pick up girls, the main purpose was to train himself body. He often drinks beer, and if he lacks exercise, he will easily develop a belly. And he feels bored and can’t persist in exercises such as running and sit-ups. He met Zeng Siqi and learned that he can be evenly matched with him. After improving his golf skills, Zeng Siqi became his regular golfing partner. The words “Thank you for giving me health” he left in the opponent’s graduation book were not empty words.
The two often get along and sweat together. They are youthful and lively, usually as quiet as a child, but as soon as they arrive at the arena, they move like rabbits. They are brave and beautiful girls. Wang Bo is an old man who knows, understands and loves flowers. Of course it’s impossible not to have some ideas. At the same time, as we came together, walked together, sweated together, and ate together again and again, Wang Bo gradually began to feel the change in the girl’s eyes when she looked at him, the unexpected panic and tenderness, and every time he invited her , the other party has not refused once in the past two years, Wang Bo feels something in his heart, and his emotions are moved. He knew that as long as he took a small initiative, he could immediately possess this girl who was slightly inferior to Sun Li in appearance, but not inferior to Liao Xiaoqing, both physically and mentally.
/Several times, Wang Bo was on the verge of an impulse. Especially one time when the girl accidentally twisted her foot while playing ball, Wang Bo helped her go home, took off the girl’s white cotton socks, and held Zeng Siqi’s legs, which were all white and still stained with sweat from exercise, in his arms. Inside, when he was rubbing the opponent’s ankles with the snake wine he made as an old man, the man was lying on his back on the sofa, his brows were slightly furrowed, his pretty little face was hissing slightly, as if he was afraid of pain, and his two white thighs were The legs of his sports shorts were peeking out from under them. They were straight and white. One of them was still held in his arms. The moment he pressed it gently and carefully was the most difficult moment after Wang Bo’s rebirth. The animal nature and the hu