anning, chemical and other serious polluting small businesses along the Huaihe River. Other large and medium-sized enterprises must meet the emission standards. To achieve the standards, they can only Rely on water treatment equipment”

This is certainly not his guess. In his previous life, it was true that after the Jiangdong flood, the State Council once again issued the “Huaihe River Basin Water Pollution Prevention and Control Plan and the Ninth Five-Year Plan” in accordance with the “Interim Regulations”, and Jiangdong Province was also under strong pressure from above. The “Measures for the Prevention and Control of Water Pollution in the Yishu River Basin of Jiangdong Province” was formulated, and the battle to prevent and control water pollution in the Huaihe River began in 1996.
Wen Liang took out a stack of information from the desk and handed it to Ning Xi. He smiled and said, “I did some research and found that there are 874 sewage discharge companies in the river basin of Jiangdong Province alone, and Jiangdong has the technology and ability to produce water treatment plants.” Xinxing is the only equipment manufacturer that is on the market. If we take over Xingxing now, it will not only make He Xihua owe a favor, but also create a rift between him and Gu Shitong. At the same time, he can make a lot of money every day. You say, As long as you are not a fool, would you let go of such an opportunity?”
/“Of course not! Not even a fool!” Ning Xi still retained her usual rationality and said: “But your starting point is that the central government will be truly determined to control pollution. What if you guess wrong? Accept Xinxing, not only You can’t kill three birds with one stone, but you will only drag yourself down.”
“A person will fall twice in the same place, but a country will definitely fight hard even for the sake of face.” Wen Liang stared at Ning Xi and said “Since you’ve known me, have you ever seen me make a wrong move?”
Ning Xi was silent, then smiled gently and said, “Do you have the money to acquire Xinxing?”
Wen Liang also smiled and said, “There is another way to do business called ‘ OPM’ (Other Peoples Money), please ask your senior sister to help sell an empty shell company of the same type, and then take over Xinxing with nothing, shouldn’t it be difficult?”
After discussing with Ning Xi about the Xinxing factory, Wen Liang went again Enter Si Yajing’s office. It has to be said that the black skirt paired with the white shirt with a wide open collar and the rolled up sleeves revealed a small section of her bright wrists, making Si Yajing look more like a smart and capable urban beauty, different from when she was a teacher in the past. image of. Seeing Wen Liang come in, she put down the documents in her hands, stood up and was about to speak, but Wen Liang raised her index finger and shushed her gently.
/Si Yajing watched him turn around and close the door, then walked to her body while rubbing her hands with a smirk on her face. Her heart suddenly beat violently, her legs