ountryside, and no one will laugh at you, but now that you have opened a store, you have to consider the image of the employees.

ountryside, and no one will laugh at you, but now that you have opened a store, you have to consider the image of the employees.
This is not a problem for him. In his previous life, he ate a lot of KFC, Country Club, McDonald’s, and Dicos. He has never seen pork and has seen pigs running around, so he can just borrow the work clothes of these similar employees.
Of course, his current scale is small, so he doesn’t have enough time to order several sets of uniform clothes, and secondly, the price is not cost-effective. So, Wang Bo and his mother went to the mall to buy two pieces of red and black cloth, and found a tailor to make two sets for each of his family members according to their height and measurements. The red one is a short-sleeved shirt; the black one is trousers, a very popular style. The only thing that makes it unique is the two rows of red and yellow letters on the back and left chest, with the store name in Chinese and English!
Zeng’s sister-in-law has rice noodles ,
clothes, and of course a cap is also indispensable. You can only buy this ready-made, tear off the embroidered logo on it and ask the tailor to help put your own label on it.
Before the work clothes came off, Wang Bo was already thinking about the scene when his family appeared at the rice noodle shop wearing eye-catching red and black work clothes and caps. In this western Sichuan county where Dicos can only be seen in two years, that would be perfect. Scorpions are the only ones who poop, so it’s hard not to be famous!
The kitchen utensils are all ready, and the freezer was bought second-hand for temporary use; the tables and benches outside the lobby, together with the chopsticks, chopstick baskets, condiment boxes, napkins and napkin boxes on the table, and the garbage basket under the table are also there; decorative paintings, The price list was posted and the signboard was hung up. Wang Bo walked from the back kitchen to the front hall, checking the list one by one against the list that had been revised several times to ensure that there were no mistakes. Half an hour later, he was already sure that his Zengsao Rice Noodles was ready for everything, all it needed was the east wind!
/As for this Dongfeng, it is naturally the business license. Wang Bo plans to open the business as soon as he gets the business license. As for the tax registration certificate and health license, he can apply for it while the business is operating. For the relevant departments, it is just a formality and will only take a few days.
“Bo’er, look at what we need to do and prepare now. When will we open? It’s been almost a week. We have to pay more than 100 yuan just for the rent. We can’t even go out. Mom I feel uneasy!” Zeng Fanyu, who was checking with Wang Bo, asked Wang Bo anxiously.
“Don’t worry, Mom, it’s almost over. Today is Sunday, and the Industrial and Commercial Bureau is not working. I will get the business license when they go to work tomorrow. After getting the business license, we will go to the farmer’