e ground. As expected, one of the glasses with glass lenses was broken, and the other lens also cracked into a spider web. . Liang Jingquan bent down to pick it up and put the glasses on the bridge of his nose again. Then he picked up the plastic bag on the ground and started to climb the stairs towards the door of his house.

After one day and two nights of interrogation and persuasion, Liang Jingquan discovered that even if his daughter agreed to break up, the naughty guy also agreed to suspend school and not associate with Liang Ya, but it was still not safe. After all, he couldn’t watch Liang Ya 24 hours a day. As long as the two of them still had each other in their hearts, even if Wang Bo dropped out of school, there was still a high chance that the former lovers would get back together. Therefore, he needs to cut off the two people’s thoughts from the root, especially his daughter’s thoughts about that dog/ri, so that his daughter can see the true face of that dog/ri, turn love into hatred, and become an enemy. Only then will he Real peace of mind!
This is the last song in Liang Jingquan’s trilogy of drawing fire from the bottom of the cauldron, self-mutilation!
In order for his daughter to completely cut off contact with Wang Bo, he considered it very hard and resorted to any means.
That night, Wang Bo was sitting in the classroom doing self-study. Halfway through get out of class, his cell phone vibrated in his pocket. Wang Bo quickly found an excuse to escape and ran to the toilet quickly. When he got there, he opened the cover of his flip phone and saw an unfamiliar number.
“Come out for a moment. I’ll wait for you in the school playground.” A familiar voice came from the receiver.
/“Okay, Xiaoya, I’ll be out right away. Xiaoya, your dad.” Wang Bo wanted to say more, but a blind tone of “beep” sounded in the receiver.
“What’s wrong?” Wang Bo looked at his phone, thinking about Liang Ya’s extremely dull voice on the phone just now, and suddenly had a bad premonition in his heart.
“Whatever, let’s meet Xiaoya first.” Wang Bo closed the phone cover, shook his head, left the toilet and hurriedly started downstairs without thinking too much.
It’s eight o’clock in the evening, dusk is falling, and people can no longer be seen dozens of meters away. Wang Bo trotted towards the corner of the playground where he and Liang Ya liked to go. Before he could get closer, he saw a lonely figure standing alone on the lawn in the distance.
“Xiaoya.” Wang Bo panted slightly and ran to Liang Ya. He looked up and found that the girl was wearing a white dress today, a pair of unique sandals at her feet, and she was holding a white paper bag in her hand. Know what’s inside. His eyes moved up to the girl’s face, and he saw that the girl’s originally round cheeks were sunken, her eyes were a little red and swollen, and her chin seemed to have become a lot sharper. In just two days, she already looked extremely thin. , Wang Bo immediately felt shocked, pitiful, pitiful and painful. Regardless of whether she was stil