ation procedures.”

ation procedures.”
From beginning to end, Zhang Yu briefly explained to him the situation since Zheng Yan left Wang Bo and the current situation. After finishing, the administrative building of Sanfan Group, where Zhang Yu usually works, is already in sight.
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Wang Bo parked his car near the gate of Sanfan Group, turned off the engine, and said to Zhang Yu beside him:
/“Zhang Yu, thank you. I owe you a favor. This is my business card with my phone number on it. Please give me a call and I will also write down your phone number.”
Zhang Yu did not expect that Wang Bo would give him a business card and his phone number. He was a little flattered and ended up She stammered: “You’re welcome, Mr. Wang. I’ll call you right away.” She hurriedly took out her mobile phone from her pocket, looked down at the business card Wang Bo handed her, and saw that the card was ordinary. , extremely simple, the entire business card contains no other information except the other party’s name and a phone number. The material of the business card is nothing surprising. It is not gold-plated and does not have any sense of design.
However, this simple and ordinary business card, without the title of chairman or general manager, made Zhang Yu excited and felt like a treasure. She used her mobile phone to dial the 11-digit number on it. After the other party’s mobile phone rang twice in the storage box, she hung up the phone and then put the business card away carefully and carefully. The innermost layer of the bag.
“Mr. Wang, I’m going to work now. Thank you for seeing me off.” “I
/should be the one to say thank you. I’ve been busy recently. I’ll treat you to dinner when I’m done.” Wang Bo smiled and nodded at Zhang Yu Nod and give the other person a grateful glance. In the face of his inquiry, the other party told everything he knew and spoke frankly without reservation, which indeed saved him a lot of time.
After Zhang Yu left, Wang Bo did not leave immediately. He glanced through the car window at the “Sanfan Building” across the road. That is the administrative building of Sanfan Group. In front of the building is a musical fountain that does not stop all year round. Next to it are contiguous factory buildings. At the entrance of the stainless steel automatic retractable door, white-collar workers in suits and blue-collar workers in work clothes look like people entering a nest. Ants, walking in a hurry, swarming into these scenes are very familiar to Wang Bo. In his previous life, he was one of them. He worked from eight to six every day, six days a week. He was exhausted to death, but the salary increase could never keep up. With prices and house