nets will be larger in the future.

nets will be larger in the future.
The population continues to increase, and species are extinct every day. The creatures that have thrived on this planet for tens of thousands or even hundreds of millions of years have been wiped out by the civilization created by humans. Originally, the two were supposed to be equal and peacefully coexist. right.
/When Langdon asked about ways to maintain the sustainable development of the fishery, Han Xuan planned to buy some fish fry and seaweed when he had free time. He could not convince the whole world, but he should at least be good to himself and not make himself feel guilty for them.
Pooh was lying lazily on the deck blowing in the wind, his little eyes seemed to be complaining about why he hadn’t seen anything to eat yet. Squirtle stood on the bow of the boat, stretching his neck and looking out at the sea, with a calm and wise look on his face.
Through the window, he saw his father with Captain Robinson. Han Xuan told Fatty not to run around, and after Fatty agreed, he walked up the stairs to the cab.
“It’s actually quite simple to control a fishing boat. It’s similar to the principle of driving a car. If you want to learn, I’ll teach you. It’s a bit more difficult to get the test. If you practice more, you will definitely get it,”
Captain Robinson said to the boy’s father.
Father Han nodded seriously and paid attention to his movements in sailing the boat. When he saw his son coming in, he said, “Look at Mr. Aldrich. The black spots on the screen are fish. The water is not deep now, so medium-sized fishing boats cannot work. We have to wait.” A few minutes.”
“I heard that trawling will destroy corals and algae on the seabed, is that true?” Han Xuan walked to the sonar radar. The spots on it were sparse and refreshed every ten seconds.
“Well, so we have to find a deep water area to cast the net. Coastal fishing boats are used here. We scuba dived yesterday to see the seabed conditions. Some people have used trawl nets before, and the seabed ecology is not optimistic. Those poaching boats don’t care about the fishing grounds, as long as they They could catch more fish, but the Gamble family never fished. Before, this was the most protected place in Monterey Bay. Later, he settled in New Zealand and never came back, so fishing boats dared to come over and poach. It’s so shameful. It’s been growing for hundreds of years. The coral groups are now all buried by the seabed sediment brought up by the trawl net.”
The strong man Aldrich replied, “If they were not greedy and only used small nets to fish, the fishing nets would not touch the bottom of the sea, and the algae would float after being destroyed. The number of living things has decreased, and without food, those fish will also leave.”
Robinson knew the situation on the seabed yesterday, and was afraid that they would be worried, so he didn’t say anything. When he saw the silence in the cockpit, he clapped his hands to attract attention, and said with a smile: “It’s almost enough here. The shrimp tr