lfriends. This is really It’s a bit untrue, and I feel sorry for Liang Ya and Sun Li.” Han Lin said, looking like she was lacking in confidence.

lfriends. This is really It’s a bit untrue, and I feel sorry for Liang Ya and Sun Li.” Han Lin said, looking like she was lacking in confidence.
/When she said this, Xu Jing and Zhou Shu found it difficult to agree. Although they had a better relationship with Han Lin, they were still friends with Liang Ya.
“Then Lingzi, Xiaoya and Sun Li still don’t know that you and Xiaoqing have that kind of relationship with the boss?” Zhou Shu asked after a while.
“I definitely don’t know! Do you need to say this?” Han Lin glared at Zhou Shu. Seeing that the two best friends did not show contempt, the stone hanging in her heart quickly fell away and she returned to her usual big sister. He said with great style, “By the way, let me tell you two, I have never told anyone else about this matter. Don’t be so big-mouthed or let it slip! If others find out, the consequences will be disastrous! Neither do I.” The method is everywhere! And my mother, old man, they will also be stabbed in the back!”
“Does this need your teaching?” Xu Jing rolled his eyelids.
Zhou Shu patted Han Lin on the shoulder and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, Lingzi, Jingjing and I know the importance of it. But, except for us, don’t talk about others. Knowing people, knowing faces, but not knowing hearts, this The fewer people who know about this kind of thing, the better.”
“I’m not that stupid! That’s you and Jingjing, no one else can even take a word out of my mouth!” Han Lin raised her neck like a proud hen.
After learning that Han Lin had become Wang Bo’s girlfriend, Xu Jing and Zhou Shu felt as if they had discovered a new world. They kept asking Han Lin how often she and Wang Bo met, and how often they met. What to do, and most importantly, how does it feel to do “that kind of thing” with the boss? Is it really like the legend says, the floating fish fairy, the whole person will fly, and so on, only Questions that only best friends talk about.
In this regard, Han Lin of course answered truthfully in some cases and pretended to be reckless in others.
“It’s not common. After all, it’s not a school. He’s busy and travels often, maybe once a week. As for what we do when we meet, we don’t do much. They just chat, talk, eat, go shopping, and watch movies. It’s almost like a normal class reunion. .” Han Lin said, directly ignoring the other person’s subsequent questions.
“What happens after?”
“After what? After that, of course, everyone goes back to their own homes and finds their own mothers!” Han Lin pretended to be reckless.
“Shit! I don’t believe you! Not holding hands? KISS? Also, you know that! Tell me honestly, are you going to a hotel to book a room or go back to the boss’s apartment?” Xu Jing glanced at Han Lin, and then became very interested. He grabbed Han Lin’s arm and asked.
“Why are you asking so much?”
“You’re curious! Hurry up!”
/“Hurry up!”
Both women began to urge, eyes wide open.
But Han Lin still didn’t want to say it. “Want to know? Then quickly find a boyfriend to practice for a while? By the way, Jingjing, S