llowed the maid to the next door, where Luke Summer and his wife Starling Summer were sitting in the sofa area of ??the living room waiting.

Luke, a tall man with a beautiful mustache, stood up, stretched out his hands, and laughed softly:
“Good evening, Mr. Moriarty, I just found out that you are a private detective. As a neighbor, you are really unqualified.”
“No, it’s my own problem, because I don’t know if I’m suitable for this industry. Maybe I’ll find another job at some point.” Klein shook hands with the host and said, “I’m sorry about what happened tonight. , I will make compensation.”
“It was just an accident.” Luke said relieved.
Starling, who has blonde hair and blue eyes and is pretty, asked curiously:
“You really killed an intruder. I know you want black tea, right?”
Klein nodded:
“Maybe just a thief.”
/He didn’t say that the matter stemmed from the commission he accepted, lest the Summers and his wife would have any grudges.
Since the police didn’t tell them, there’s no need for me to take any extra steps. Klein added silently.
Luke Sammer smiled and said:
“You must have excellent fighting skills. As a neighbor, I feel very safe. Maybe we will entrust you with something in the future.”
Klein laughed at himself half-truthfully:
“I was actually almost killed.”
“No matter what, the final winner is you.” Luke said.
After chatting for a few words on this topic, Starling picked up the white porcelain gold-inlaid tea cup and took a sip:
“I’m very curious about how many commissions a private detective can get in a week and how much income he earns.”
Klein didn’t hide anything and said with a smile:
“It depends on the situation, just like there are good harvests and poor harvests in the fields. I earned 5 pounds 5 soles last week, but after what happened last night, maybe I will still lose money.”
Starling didn’t seem to hear the last part of his sentence, and said to herself:
“If you can maintain this income, five pounds per week can allow you to live a pretty good life in Backlund and the Jowood District. You don’t need to rent a room anymore. You can hire a maid to do odd jobs and attend a concert every other week. , or watch a drama and opera once, play tennis or squash once a week, attend a reading salon, go to a good restaurant. Of course, if you are already preparing for marriage, you need to save a little, and a weekly salary of 5 pounds is far from a truly decent It’s still a little bit worse.”
“How much is the weekly salary required to be truly decent?” Klein asked in cooperation.
“Seven pounds, at least seven pounds.” Starling raised her chin slightly and said.
Klein turned to look at Luke and said casually:
“I heard from your wife that you work for Coim Company and I don’t know what your main business is.”
“Anthracite and charcoal,” Luke replied with a smile.
No wonder you can become a member of the Soot Emissions Reduction Association. Klein pondered for a moment and said, “In Backlund, how much is the manager-level salary? I rarely mention this in newspapers and magazin