when you grow up, it is best to participate less, it will be no good.”

when you grow up, it is best to participate less, it will be no good.”
Han Xuan could tell that he was sincerely warning him as an elder, and did not excuse himself by saying that he did not know the content of the fraternity party. Participate, and said while getting dressed: “I understand, thank you.”
/The old man Soros has a round face, looks harmless, and has an amiable smile. He is now 65 years old, and his hair has turned gray.
He was holding a reddish-brown cane in his hand, and was wearing the same white shirt and black suit that remained unchanged all year round.
Walking along the path, away from the crazy stadium party, he then said to Han Xuan: “Recently, a short-selling copper futures order of up to US$8 billion suddenly appeared on the London Metal Exchange. Don’t you think this scene is familiar? For example, there was a $7 billion short-selling order in Mexico. At that time, I thought it was you. Later, after asking a few friends, I found out that it was you. Han, what you did is a bit You’re being a rogue. We are fighting in front, while you are hiding behind and secretly plundering the fruits of our victory.”
This old man has already pointed out himself. He even knows the amount of short selling. He must be completely sure, and there is no need to deny it in front of Soros. use.
Han Xuan said calmly: “I heard from the company’s financial analysts that copper prices may fall in the near future, so I bought some short orders. You didn’t come all the way just to tell me about this, right? We in Provi Dens City is close to the Atlantic Ocean, and the seafood tastes pretty good. Have you eaten? Let’s go and enjoy dinner together.”
“I’m allergic to seafood, and I’ve already eaten it on the plane, thank you.”
Han Xuan wanted to curse for a moment, he It’s not a reminder, it’s just an honest threat to myself.
Once Soros and others stop, Japan’s Sumitomo Consortium will definitely try their best to raise the price of copper. By then, it will definitely be too late to sell those short orders.
If the principal amount of one billion US dollars is forcibly liquidated, the bank may still be owed money. This time, the futures leverage scattered among more than a dozen brokerages is too large.
There was absolutely no way to resolve this threat. Han Xuan raised his hands in surrender and said, “Okay, I’ll lose to you too, so why lose both sides. Let me hear your request. What do you want from me?”
” Funds. We currently lack a large amount of funds to continue fighting with the Sumitomo Foundation. If you can provide funds to participate, I don’t mind taking you to get a share of the pie this time. First, I made a large sum from Mexico, and some time ago from Japan made a lot of money. Although I don’t know where you hid the money, you definitely have money, that’s for sure.”
Soros said bluntly without hiding it.
Han Xuan was silent for a while and asked him: “How much do you want?”
“About 1.5 billion U.S. dollars. With this money, I can reduce the world copper price by another 75 U.S.