up and rushed into the rain.

up and rushed into the rain.
Wearing only a white shirt, Zheng Yan stood at the door of the shop with her arms folded, anxiously and nervously watching the man rushing into the violent storm. There were many cars on the road, many of them driving very fast. There were no red street lights on this stretch of road. When Wang Bo was crossing the road, countless cars passed by him, which made Zheng Yan’s heart tighten.
Suddenly, with a “squeak” sound, a red Santana stopped in front of Wang Bo.
“Want to die? I want to die and I will help you!” The car window rolled down, revealing a man with a sinister face and yelling curses. The next moment, Santana left again.
Zheng Yan felt that all the blood in her body was about to solidify. She couldn’t bear it anymore and rushed into the torrential rain without thinking.
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It was already a few minutes later when Wang Bo drove the BMW and drove the trembling girl, who was soaked with water and hugging her shoulders, to the door of her unit.
“Go up and change your clothes quickly. Be careful not to catch a cold.” Looking at the shivering girl, Wang Bo looked distressed. In just a minute or two, Zheng Yan, who was following him, was soaked in the rain. He himself was okay because he was covered by Zheng Yan’s coat. Except for his pants, which got a lot wet, most of his long-sleeved shirts were dry.
“Yes!” Zheng Yan nodded with trembling teeth. Until now, her mind was still blank. The scene where Wang Bo was almost hit by a car still kept echoing in her mind. The girl mechanically picked up her bag, picked up her coat, and paused while opening the car door. Wang Bo’s heart suddenly tightened, and he thought, “Leave me here. If you leave me, I’ll follow you up.”
However, the girl didn’t say anything. The next second, the car door opened and then closed again. Zheng Yan’s slim, full, and almost transparent body that was soaked by the heavy rain suddenly disappeared. not see.
“Alas” Wang Bo sighed, lamenting that God failed to fulfill his wishes. His original plan was that after the two of them had dinner, he would find an excuse to follow the girl home together. Unfortunately,
“Alas” Wang Bo sighed again, and simply laid down the car, lying on the back of the chair with his hands on the back of his head. His nose was still filled with a nice smell of incense. It was the smell of a girl’s coat. It smelled a little like gardenia, a little like lily, and a little like sweet-scented osmanthus, but it was neither. , that is just the smell of Zheng Yan, fragrant and long. With his eyes closed, Wang Bo opened his mouth and took a deep breath, trying to store the taste in his mouth for a long time and carve it into his mind.
He planned to rest for a while and wait