thing now is not the time to punish this guy, but how to get out as soon as possible, end with dignity, and not get out of hand.

thing now is not the time to punish this guy, but how to get out as soon as possible, end with dignity, and not get out of hand.
Zhong Jiahui began to make gestures, indicating to Wang Bo to put on his clothes first, and then pointed in the direction of the door, meaning that the two of them should go out first and then talk.
At this time, Wang Bo had no choice but to bid farewell to Wenwen Township for the time being, no matter how hard he was to leave his hometown and no matter how much he wanted to continue to “work hard”. He pulled out the carrots that had just been planted a few minutes ago from Zhong Jiahui’s body. “Boo”, a slight sound, like pulling the cork out of a red wine bottle, sounded in the quiet room. Zhong Jiahui was immediately ashamed and kept silent. I pinched him again and then hurriedly started to put on my clothes. Not long ago, when Wang Bo took off her clothes, because he was too impatient, he only unbuttoned the pajamas on top, and only took off one trouser leg of the pajamas and pantyhose underneath, and the other one was still hanging on the ankle, and the front Soon it swayed in the air for a long time with the boy’s movements, but it was not completely off, which made it easier for her to dress.
Zhong Jiahui was not completely undressed, so she was good at dressing; but it was a bit difficult for Wang Bo, who was naked and numb. Just now, he not only took off all three pieces of clothing on his body, but also threw the three pieces of clothing on Zhang Xinyue like a goddess scattering flowers. One of them, the smallest one, even covered the other person’s head.
“Crime, sin, sin! Senior Sister Xinyue, please don’t blame me. Who told you to stay silent and make me think that you are Xiaoya who is pretending to be dead!” Wang Bo bent over, hunched his neck, stretched out his hands, He went to grab the clothes he had just thrown out, and at the same time prayed in his heart, praying that Zhang Xinyue would just pretend to be dead and never look back.
/Wang Bo’s prayer came true. When he took off his pajamas, pajamas, pajamas, and underwear from Zhang Xinyue’s body and head, the other party still didn’t make any sound. It was just when he leaned his body sideways and got closer to the other party. When, the other party’s suppressed and short breathing clearly told the girl’s nervousness at this time!
Wang Bo got back his clothes and put them on quickly, and then the two of them started to get out of bed and go out.
As soon as I got out of bed, the bedroom door suddenly opened and a tall shadow walked out. The three of them were already very familiar with each other. Even though they couldn’t see each other’s faces because of the darkness, they recognized each other based on their height and general outline. Zhong Jiahui hurriedly walked up, took Liang Ya’s hand and walked out. Wang Bo quickly followed behind him and closed the door. It was just that the door was closed loudly, and there was a soft “bang” sound in the darkness, startling the three people who were tiptoeing.