and “accept punishment and accept the beating.”

and “accept punishment and accept the beating.”
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After the friends of Tout and Tout gathered together for dinner, the entire high school career was really over. All that was left was the college entrance examination score check at the end of June and the review of the college entrance examination admission notice. wait.
But Wang Bo didn’t care much about this.
But Wang Bosi thought about it and finally rejected the invitation from the two editors-in-chief. Now that he has become powerful and his wings have hardened, he does not need to rely on magazines to borrow power. On the contrary, magazines are extremely eager to use his power to increase their subscriptions. But if Wang Boruo chooses to serialize it in a magazine first, he will suffer a lot. At least there are nearly half a million subscribers of “Science Fiction World” who have read his serialized novels. Except for a few die-hard fans, others will not buy his novels. New book published. “Once Upon a Time on Earth” is a novel with nearly 300,000 words, priced at more than 20 yuan per copy. Even if it’s 20 yuan, according to the royalty agreement with the author’s publishing house, he can get at least 3 yuan in royalties for each book. If he sells less than 500,000 copies, it will be more than 1 million!
And if he chooses to serialize “Science Fiction World” in “Science Fiction World”, how much royalties can he be given? The standard fee for the previous short stories is 200 yuan/thousand words. For a novel of 300,000 words, “Science Fiction World” will only give him a royalties of 60,000 yuan at most! Even if he were to raise his price according to the standards of a top-notch writer now, it would not exceed one hundred thousand!
One hundred thousand versus more than one million, which is more important is almost a question that does not need to be considered.
After sending the manuscript to Cheng Wenjin, Wang Bo finally let go of a major issue on his mind. “Once Upon a Time on Earth”, the first part of “The Three-Body Problem”, took him more than a year. He was absolutely striving for perfection, and the quality even surpassed the previous two short stories and the novella. Now that there is no first-tier dealer of “Science Fiction World” and second-tier dealer of “Grudge”, Wang Bo is very much looking forward to the sales of his new book and the millions of profits that will follow!
“Lili, are you at home? It’s almost noon, let’s go out to have a meal together.” After the call was connected, Wang Bo said straight to the point.
/“I’m sorry, Zian, I don’t know how to speak.” Sun Li sounded a little hesitant on the phone, and the background was