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“Zian, do you really want to invest in a literary website?” Jiang Xiaorou, who was walking beside Wang Bo on the way to where he parked his vehicle, asked, seemingly still caught up in the excitement of the speech just now. As a friend of Wang Bo Wang Zi’an who specially came to the National People’s Congress to visit, she received the most attention throughout the night. It can be said that she became famous overnight.
“Why not? Hehe, Xiaorou, are you interested in working for me after graduation? I will let you be the CEO then!” Wang Bo chuckled, looked at the girl in the night, and extended an invitation to her.
Investing in or establishing a literary website, specifically Qidian/Chinese.com, which will dominate later generations of online literature, was an idea that came to Wang Bo when he was thinking about the topic of his speech throughout the afternoon. There are two data that strongly support his idea:
/In 1. In 2004, “Qidian” was fully acquired by Shanda for US$2 million.
2. Ten years later, in 2015, Shanda Literature, mainly Qidian/Chinese website, was acquired by Tengxun, which was not short of money, for 5 billion RMB.
In ten years, a rate of return of 500 times, this is a price that makes Wang Bo very excited.
Moreover, it is only 2001, and the starting point may not have been established yet. Intervention at this time does not require two million US dollars at all, but only a small amount of money to start and maintain operation. In his previous life, as a lover of Internet literature and an unsuccessful Internet coder, he witnessed the changes in the entire Internet literature circle. He witnessed the “Qi/Dian/Chinese Network” dominating the world and becoming the overlord of a generation. Then this overlord was eventually replaced. The process of swallowing the Big Mac, the king of copycats, and the crusher of entrepreneurs Teng Xun. He knows several decisive trends in the development of online literature and is familiar with what is the most comfortable and pleasing interface for readers. The most important thing is that the biggest bottleneck restricting the development of major personal book sites at present, funding, does not exist for him. As long as the time is right, once the spring of online literature arrives, he can add more money at any time to give the website the strongest boost!
Therefore, in this barbaric era where heroes are divided and Internet literature has just begun, why doesn’t he, who knows the future trend, not take a share of the pie? First find several founders of Future Start/Dian/Chinese Network, bring them under the banner, invest your own money, provide strategic guidance, and leave specific operations to them. They will raise them for a few years and raise the “children”. When the time comes, whether you sell it f