tities, one is prey and the other is hunter.”

“No matter how weak a hunter is, he is still a hunter and may harm powerful prey.”
“Go ahead and join the great hunt.”
The screen shattered and turned into countless lights and shadows. Klein looked down at the crimson ball of extraordinary properties in his hand and said silently to himself:
“It turns out to be a hunter’s potion. No wonder Meursault is so good at hunting and uses a poisoned blow dart.”
“No wonder he can trace it to me.”
“However, he doesn’t seem to really understand the essence of a hunter. He didn’t set up traps, didn’t use weapons, and didn’t use corresponding specialties. This is because he doesn’t know that I am also an Extraordinary, and I am also a Sequence 8 Extraordinary. On the other hand, it also shows that he took the magic potion not long ago.”
“The hunter path is controlled by both the Sauron family of the Reasontis royal family and the Einhorn family, rulers of the Feysac Empire. The Iron-Blooded Cross is a secret organization that only appeared in the last two to three hundred years. Coupled with the clothing style, the ambassador’s His identity is almost certain to be the senior diplomat of the Republic of Intis and the ambassador to the Kingdom of Loen.”
“I wonder what that important item he wants to get is.”
As his thoughts rolled around, Klein wrapped himself in spirituality and plummeted downwards.
As soon as he returned to the room, he immediately looked around vigilantly and did not notice any unusual changes.
Phew, Klein let out a silent breath, feeling a little more confident about convening the Tarot Club members on time tomorrow afternoon.
He dug out the Backlund map he bought on the steam train and looked for the telegraph office along the subway, not far from the center of the street.
Backlund currently only has a few subway lines, and Klein quickly identified three targets, one in the West District, one in the St. George District, and one at the intersection of the East District and the Backlund Bridge area.
He recalled the dress and class status of most pedestrians in the dream, and got the final answer:
The place where the East District and Backlund Bridge areas meet
Sometimes, interpreting revelations also requires rich practical knowledge and corresponding reasoning skills. Klein laughed at himself, came to the desk, and added another sentence after the statement he had written before, making the content on the paper richer:
“I don’t know the whereabouts of Ian Wright. I haven’t seen him since I found Zerrell’s body. However, I know through my own channels that Ian Wright once appeared in the White Lum Street store. Telegraph Office.”
After finishing writing, Klein did not fold and put away the paper, nor did he use his spirituality to ignite it. Instead, he let it spread out on the desk, displaying its content wantonly.
After taking a deep look, Klein returned to the bed and took off his clothes to sleep.
/Outside the closed curtains, the red moon emerged from the clouds, shining brightly and perfectl