ial existence outside of C, but if possible, he does not want to make himself too unconventional.

ial existence outside of C, but if possible, he does not want to make himself too unconventional.
Wang Bo took Zhong Jiahui around to look around his luxurious small suite. Finally, the two returned to the sofa in the small living room and sat down side by side and started chatting.
When he was in Sifang, Wang Bo would probably take a nap for an hour or two after lunch. This habit was brought with him even when he arrived in Shuangqing. After lying on the soft sofa and chatting with Zhong Jiahui for a few minutes, Wang Bo fell asleep and yawned twice in a row.
/But looking at Zhong Jiahui’s eyes, she worried that Wang Bo was too tired. In the past two days, the other party has been driving and taking the three families around for sightseeing. It must not be easy both physically and mentally. Zhong Jiahui thought about Wang Bo’s comfortable and relaxed expression when she pressed his head the previous two times. She only hesitated for a moment and then spoke in a low voice:
“Wang Bo, I see you are quite tired. How about I give you a head massage?”
Seeing the girl offering to give him a massage to relax, Wang Bo’s mind immediately recalled the charm and beauty of the two girls giving him massages. He swallowed secretly, and the drowsiness he had just appeared disappeared, and the cells in his body automatically began to cheer for joy. However, Wang Bo still said:
“Ah, Jiahui, do you want to give me a massage? Isn’t that too troublesome?”
“It’s not troublesome! I often press my mother’s head at home!” Zhong Jiahui said in a low voice with a blushing face.
“I’m sorry to bother you then, I’m really sorry!” Wang Bo pinched his nose and said with some embarrassment.
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Just like the last time at the “Qingya Xuan” teahouse in Sifang, Wang Bo rested his head on Zhong Jiahui’s lap, closed his eyes and enjoyed the girl’s careful head massage.
The bedroom is quiet and quiet. The early autumn afternoon sunlight slanted through the thin window screen in the small house. Outside the window are rockeries, ponds, pavilions and pavilions. Two sparrows jumped back and forth on the two weeping willow trees swaying in the wind by the pond, occasionally emitting two crisp chirps.
A quiet and peaceful afternoon scene.
A few minutes later, Wang Bo opened his closed eyes, and a picturesque face immediately appeared in his sight. The girl’s expression was pleasant and soft, her eyes were wandering, and she was looking down at him.
However, when he suddenly opened his eyes and their eyes met, he felt a little panicked, like a small animal that had discovered its natural enemy, and suddenly moved away. The fair cheeks also