s question and should ask her best friend.

s question and should ask her best friend.
Lu Wei returned with no success from Wang Bo, so she turned around and asked Liang Ya, what happened to her and Wang Bo? Why did you come to this point of breaking up? Liang Ya shook her head but kept silent. She asked urgently, her eyes turned red and she was about to cry. She was so scared that Lu Wei had to give up and sighed secretly.
/Thinking about meeting “that person” later, Liang Ya felt a little distracted for a while. She was also absent-minded and couldn’t listen to the endless holiday instructions from Zhu Pengxi, the head teacher at the podium.
Zhu Pengxi on the podium kept rambling, asking the students of Class 9 to take a vacation, but they should not put their swords and guns in storage, let their horses go to Nanshan, play as much as they like, and still spend at least half of their time studying various subjects every day. Review the past and learn the new. Even though there is still one year left before the senior year of high school, this year flies by so quickly. Zhu Pengxi kept beeping for half an hour before calling it a day and announcing a holiday.
As a result, the students in Class Nine let out excited shouts and immediately dispersed. Lu Wei and Liang Ya, who had already packed their things, also stood up and prepared to eat Wang Bo’s dinner.
/At this moment, Zhao Xingyou, the English class representative in the class, came over and said to Liang Ya: “Liang Ya, can I take a step to say a few words to you?”
“What’s the matter?” Liang Ya looked at Zhao Xingyou, a little surprised. asked.
“It’s a relatively important matter that won’t take up much of your time.” Zhao Xingyou’s eyes were a little dodgeful, but he still gritted his teeth and said.
“Okay then. Let’s go to the sky corridor outside the classroom and talk.” Liang Ya turned around and asked Lu Wei to wait for her in the classroom for a few minutes, then followed Zhao Xingyou towards the sky corridor outside.
Class 9 was the last class on the entire floor to announce the end of school, and all the students in Class 9 who were eager to leave soon left, except for Lu Wei who was sitting in the classroom waiting patiently for Liang Ya.
The air corridor at this time was very quiet. It was early July and the sun was shining in the sky. However, there was a lot of cool breeze in the air corridor on the third floor, and the sun did not reach it, so it was quite cool.
“Tell me what’s going on.” Liang Ya looked at Zhao Xingyou in front of her and waited quietly. She couldn’t help but feel a little curious. She didn’t know what happened to the other party, but she had to tell herself at this moment when he was about to leave school.
At this time, Zhao Xingyou was a little nervous, looking sideways, not daring to look into Liang Ya’s clear eyes. He did not answer Liang Ya’s question directly, but just said: “Liang Ya, how are you lately?”
Liang Ya frowned and said lightly: “Okay? There’s nothing wrong with it.” ”
But I noticed it. You have been so unhappy recently, you have lo