ther people and only wanted to be alone. Stay in the corner.

Occasionally, he would have some doubts, that is, why the “murderer” only took away Klein’s extraordinary characteristics and left captain Dunn Smith’s.
Ta, tap, tap, the sound of footsteps echoed in the corridor, and Sigatheon, whose right arm was wrapped in a white bandage, appeared at the door of the guard room.
When Dunn and others were besieging Megoos and trying to rescue Tingen City, she and the internal guardians of Chanis Gate were also fighting against some sealed artifacts. If it were not for the members of the “Punisher” and “Machine Heart” She arrived in time, but if the reinforcements sent by the church hadn’t finally arrived, she would have lost her life miserably.
But even so, the old internal guard could not persist until the end and died at his post.
/“Leonard, I discovered that Captain, there is an undecoded telegram in the Captain’s office. It should have been sent by the Holy Church before.” Part-time writer Sigat’ang said.
Leonard’s green eyes rolled, and his whole person finally came to life. He vaguely remembered that he had indeed heard the sound of a new telegram coming in before, but at that time, the battle was about to break out, and neither he nor Klein had the time to pay attention.
“What’s the content?” Leonard found that his voice was unusually dry.
The lady with white hair and black eyes, Sigatheon, answered without hesitation:
“Be careful of Inz Zangwill, be careful of Sealed Artifact 008.”
“Ins Zangwill, the defected Archbishop, the Gatekeeper Sealed Artifact 008 who failed to be promoted, a very ordinary-looking quill.” Leonard mumbled blankly about the memories he could dig out, and then tilted his ears. .
He suddenly narrowed his eyes, and the depression and frustration on his body disappeared at the same time.
“So that’s it.” Leonard retracted his legs and stood up, as if there were flames burning in his green eyes.
He looked at Sigatheon and said:
“I’m going to apply to join the Red Gloves.”
“Red Gloves” is the name for the elite team within the Nighthawks. Generally speaking, each Nighthawks team is stationed in the local area and has its own jurisdiction. Without permission, they cannot go outside the jurisdiction to pursue criminals, but some evil guys always One shot and another location caused a lot of inconvenience.
/For this reason, the Church of the Goddess of the Night has specially established the “Red Gloves” within the Nighthawks. They are strictly selected elites and even possess some holy objects. Their mission is to reinforce the Nighthawks team that sends the signal, and to gain unrestricted access to the Nighthawks. Track and capture evildoers of interest.
In some circles, they are known as “stalkers” and “hounds.”
“Red Gloves, but their minimum requirement is Sequence 7. Moreover, the dangers faced by Red Gloves are multiple times that of the ordinary Nighthawks team.” Sigat’ang said with confusion and concern.
Leonard sketched a smileless smile:
“I’m almost ready for promotion.”