ed the back of his head with his right hand, and then twisted his body.

ed the back of his head with his right hand, and then twisted his body.
There were constant whistles.
O’Neal, this big living treasure, is really lovable.
“Sun Hao is going to make a three-pointer.”
Zhang Weiping said directly in the broadcast booth.
After the timeout, there are only 28 seconds left.
Sun Hao pressed time in the frontcourt until the last 8 seconds of the attack time were left to launch the attack.
Nelson handed the key ball to Sun Hao to handle.
Bradley pulled out a pick-and-roll, but Kobe still bypassed it.
After Sun Hao’s final false break, he stepped back for a three-pointer.
/Kobe still kept up.
This is a textbook offense and defense.
Sun Hao finally faced Kobe’s difficult three-pointer and leaned back slightly.
But even with such a difficult shot, Sun Hao’s eyes were full of confidence.
Because unlike the previous shot, he made a coherent shooting motion for this shot.
The two of them were floating in the air, their eyes facing each other, and time seemed to freeze for a moment.
Then Sun Hao faced Kobe and threw the ball.
Everyone’s eyes were attracted by the spinning basketball.
On one side of the court, Cuban’s hands were clenched into fists.
There was a crisp sound.
“Zhang Weiping’s Law” reappeared, Sun Hao’s winning goal was scored!
106 to 109!
There was an uproar.
The Mavericks bench was even more excited.
However, there are only 2.1 seconds left in the game and the game is not over yet.
Phil Jackson called a timeout!
After the timeout, as soon as the Lakers sent the ball from the frontcourt, O’Neal was fouled!
Nelson’s choice is exactly the same as last year!
And this choice will actually involve a wave of never-ending discussions.
In history, this kind of proactive fouling with a 3-point lead was successful, causing the opponent to lose the opportunity to equalize with 3 points, and there were also overturns, such as the Houston team.
Once the car overturns, the coach will definitely be sprayed as hard as 250.
Of course, there are also cases where a 3-point lead was equalized by the opponent without fouling. The most classic one is Rose’s tying three-pointer during the Bulls period and the reversal in overtime.
Similarly, the opposite coach was definitely criticized for 250 after the game.
No matter which choice you make, losing or winning will be two completely different situations.
But there’s nothing wrong with Nelson’s choice.
Although O’Neal hit the first two answers, his overall free throw shooting rate is low.
O’Neal’s punishment was a little harsh. This technique was like asking him to cook in a small pot, which was really embarrassing for him.
But the ball bounced on the basket a few times and then rolled in.
And because there was not enough time, after the Lakers were fouled and sent to the free throw line, there was only one way to win.
The scene was silent, and the fans were too nervous to speak.
A lucky free throw, the Lakers are still 2 points behind!
Next, O’Neal must miss a free throw,