the frontcourt, and Garbajosa’s shot after receiving the ball was also blocked by Gasol.

the frontcourt, and Garbajosa’s shot after receiving the ball was also blocked by Gasol.
Like Sun Hao’s previous games, European basketball does not defend for three seconds, but each team’s offense still focuses on inside offense.
In this era, not only Europe, but also the NBA is a wise saying that the closer you are to the basket, the higher your shooting percentage will be.
Although Gasol is immature, he is big and had not been able to match up with Garbajosa before when he came off the bench.
Now after starting the game, Garbajosa’s deterrent power in the interior has obviously become smaller.
The two teams started a defensive (man) and defensive (ba) battle.
After half a quarter, the score on the court was 6-6.
However, the on-field confrontation between the two sides was intense. Although the efficiency was low, the fans watched with enthusiasm.
Gasol finally got a chance to show off his footwork inside, turning around and squeezing through Garbajosa’s shot. Although he missed, he used his long arm to tip in the ball.
The scene was shaken by cheers.
The season is already halfway through, and Barcelona’s performance is obviously not as good as Real Madrid’s.
In this case, unlike Real Madrid who were forced to change their starting lineup due to injuries, they started promoting new players early.
Now it seems that the effect is immediate.
It was completely different from the situation where they were beaten violently at the beginning of the opening game. They even had the upper hand!
At this time, Russo also realized that Garbajosa could not take much advantage over Gasol, so he reached out and made new tactics.
Sun Hao’s face lit up after seeing the new tactical gestures. He was going to use outside tactics!
European basketball is very strict about tactics. If you don’t play according to the coach’s instructions on the court, even if you are the core of the team, you will be replaced every minute.
Previously in the Plata League, he was passionate about “mistaking Yoselin” and became a franchise player.
But this is La Liga, the highest level in Spain, and there is no Joseline.
So even if the team’s situation couldn’t be improved, he didn’t mess around. He was waiting, and now he finally got what he wanted to see.
“Barcelona! Bar?a!”
/After Barcelona took the lead, the fans at the scene were full of momentum. Led by the DJ, they cheered for the home team in unison.
Priginho was in charge of tactics in the frontcourt, and Sun Hao started from the left and ran around the screen for a three-point opportunity.
Prigioni can firmly sit in Real Madrid’s starting lineup, and his passing is very good.
Sun Hao made a three-pointer directly after receiving the ball. He was so fast that Gasol, who was switching defense, had no time to pounce.
The ball was released and drew a high parabola in the air.
There was a crisp sound.
Sun Hao’s three-pointer hit the net, and the cheers at the scene stopped abruptly.
The goal was scored cleanly, like a basin of cold water