“No One”.

“No One”.
The Mavericks’ offense was forced to have nowhere to go. Sun Hao ran to Logo’s position to catch the ball.
There was not much time left to attack, so Sun Hao opened his hand and threw.
This position is farther than the position where he defeated the Spurs in G1.
A serious logo!
The arc of the ball was as long as an intercontinental cruise trajectory.
But it has a positioning device!
There was a crisp sound, and Sun Hao’s logo made a three-pointer attempt and went in!
The Mavericks bench was abuzz.
Oh, this damn three-pointer came at the perfect time!
Nowitzki also stood up and applauded Sun Hao.
This three-pointer is not enough to change the situation on the court, but it is at least a response.
Just like Sun Hao responded after Ferry fouled Nowitzki.
Robinson’s shot inside was missing!
Uncle Huo tried his best to block Duncan, and Bradley picked off the defensive rebound!
/The Mavericks played defensive counterattack.
Bradley didn’t have time to catch up, but the Mavericks’ three-line fast break, four people went down quickly!
The Spurs retreated quickly.
Nash passed the ball to Sun Hao during a fast break. Sun Hao caught the ball and flew away from Daniels, who was chasing him, and shot directly for a three-pointer.
At this time, no one else has retreated to half court. This is the kind of shot that will never lead to a second attack.
In other words, there is only one chance for this kind of shot.
But Sun Hao caught it!
He made two three-pointers in a row!
57 to 53!
The point difference was caught up to 4 points!
Is 10 points a lot?
It was certainly enough for the Spurs, or for tonight’s game.
But for Sun Hao, for three-pointers, it’s really not much.
Because this is just a matter of a few three points!
Popovich had a sullen face and rarely stood up. He didn’t know what was going on in his mind at the moment.
Old Nelson’s face was filled with smiles.
Others laugh at me for being too crazy, but I laugh at others because they can’t see through it!
The reason why he is passionate about three-pointers is that he catches up or opens up the score too quickly.
Of course, the premise is that you have to invest it.
He had met many players before, but none of them were like Sun Hao.
Using three-pointers as a regular weapon, every position on the court, even extending to the logo, is within shooting range. This is the perfect player in his mind!
Sun Hao led his team to a 6-0 offensive, but the Spurs were obviously not easily defeated.
Duncan turned around and missed the attack at the basket, but scored the ball with consecutive offensive rebounds!
A stone Buddha is a stone Buddha.
Looking back, Sun Hao missed a three-pointer, and Duncan grabbed another defensive rebound.
The fans at the scene also took a long breath.
Sun Hao cannot make every three-pointer.
As long as the situation on the court is stabilized, the Spurs will still win!
/Duncan continued to attack inside, and the Mavericks all shrank this time.