tor told him that there was nothing wrong. He guessed that it might be because his brain is too smart.

tor told him that there was nothing wrong. He guessed that it might be because his brain is too smart.
This is no joke. When the brain is in a resting state, it will consume 20% to 25% of the total energy required by the human body. Memorizing the contents of so many books is not without cost, plus extra With excellent physical fitness, it is normal to consume more than ordinary people, and there is no need to worry about running out of food.
“No.” Jason smiled bitterly and shook his head, saying with emotion: “This holiday is not a pleasant one. Molly and I are having a conflict.”
Han Xuan raised his eyebrows and asked gossip.
After Jason finished explaining the reason for his distress, he also became distressed. Many of the bodyguards had left, and he didn’t want Jason to leave too, but this guy was old enough to get married, and there was another person with a very kind personality. Good girlfriend.
Let Anya help him bring the plate to the table, ignore her strange look, wipe his hands and tell Jason: “If you want to leave, I will help you arrange a suitable place at Caesars Palace or Treasure Island Casino Hotel Management position. Miss Molly lives there, and the small casino you jointly opened is also in Las Vegas. If you don’t like it, you can go to New York or Los Angeles. Tell me where you want to go, and I will help you make arrangements.”
/Jason immediately shook his head and replied: “I like this career, otherwise I wouldn’t be so distressed, and I have no intention of resigning from your side. But I can’t convince Molly, little boss, you are the smartest person I know.” People, please help me think of a way. The diamond ring is still in the suitcase. If Molly doesn’t want it, I won’t give it to anyone else. She is my true love.”
Han Xuan was very happy with this compliment. Satisfied, things are a bit tricky, she frowned and analyzed: “Las Vegas is a tourist city, most people only have money in their eyes, and she is opening a cafe, even if she meets someone she can talk to, the other person will She will leave soon and is used to seeing people coming and going. She doesn’t have many friends and only relies on you, so she wants you to stay with her, but you rarely have the chance to meet her. If it were me, I would It’s normal to think like Ms. Molly. But you don’t plan to live that kind of life, but you still want to maintain a relationship with Ms. Molly without compromising on each other. This is very difficult to deal with. I have to think about it carefully.
” Sen nodded in agreement with his words and saw that the little boss was deep in thought, fully expecting to solve the big crisis that had troubled him for many days.
Han Xuan was quite entangled and couldn’t think of a good way to balance them for a while. Since they were all praised as smart people, wouldn’t it be a sign of being a “master of emotions” if he couldn’t solve it? Just as he was thinking about it, a woman holding a child appeared in his sight, which made his eyes light up.
His eyes returned to Jason’s fac