a fight between a warrior and a black mamba.

a fight between a warrior and a black mamba.
Sun Hao holds the ball again.
He didn’t call another pick-and-roll.
It is difficult for the pick-and-roll to work against Kobe, and it is difficult to replicate the offensive method just now.
And when facing this kind of bayonet fight, he needs to use a frontal attack to destroy the Clippers’ defensive will.
Sun Hao began to lean over and dribble, while Kobe’s front teeth were exposed, and his eyes were as bright as a torch.
This time, he no longer concealed his murderous intent.
/Sun Hao suddenly started to break through from the right and launch an attack.
Kobe successfully predicted and retreated early to block Sun Hao’s breakthrough route.
The two people almost bumped into each other.
But at the moment of confrontation, Sun Hao took advantage of the situation and made a Jordan-style low center of gravity turn.
Kobe, another successful prediction, once again blocked Sun Hao’s offensive line!
The fans at the scene were so excited that they didn’t dare to say a word.
The quality of offense and defense in this round was so exciting that it took your breath away.
And, it’s not over yet.
Sun Hao saw that the ball was already dead, but he took the initiative to confront Kobe and then took a step back.
This step opened up space for him to attack, and he shot after jumping.
But at this time, Kobe pounced on him again!
At that moment, Kobe did not resist Sun Hao’s confrontation, but ducked sideways, and then rushed forward to block the shot and interfere!
The fans at the scene swallowed unconsciously when they saw this.
These two people are not playing ball, they are clearly writing poetry!
Sun Hao’s shot was blocked, but he actually adjusted in the air, pulled the ball back, and then switched to his right hand for a small throw before it fell!
Sun Hao’s hand passed through Kobe’s armpit, and the ball flew straight from Kobe’s back toward the basket.
The ball was too difficult and hit the front of the basket.
But after a little bounce I climbed back in!
Sun Hao, being guarded by Kobe with almost no room to shoot, finally scored the ball!
There was an inexplicable silence at Oracle Arena.
Over at the commentary box, Brin and Miller were also stunned.
Then, there was a tsunami of cheers from the scene.
The fans almost all stood up from their seats, raised their hands in the air and started shouting.
This is the ultimate personal attack!
This damn basketball charm! !
Sun Hao’s goal can compete for the best goal of the season, no, it can compete for the top 50 goals in NBA history!
“Sun! Sun!”
There was no need for anyone to organize it. The uniform shouts of the Oracle Arena echoed through the sky above the arena.
At this moment, Sun Hao is the King of the Bay Area and the God of Oakland! !
Amid the cheers of the fans, the Clippers made a mistake in their offensive coordination and the ball was intercepted by Durant!
This Clippers team, which has perfect tacit understanding, can also make mistakes!