two of them. Therefore, Yin Kuang could only choose to respond to the enemy.

two of them. Therefore, Yin Kuang could only choose to respond to the enemy.
/King Ada didn’t hesitate, stretched out one of her beautiful legs and stepped on the accelerator. Yin Kuang caressed Ada Wang’s pretty cheek, laughed, and jumped up, jumping more than ten meters high. Yin Kuang flipped in the air, took out two Tang knives from the inventory, and threw them out with a “swish”, hitting the two heads of the monster. However, the head, which was also wrapped in linen, was extremely hard, and the two Tang knives only penetrated three points.
The three-headed and six-armed monster roared angrily, ignored the off-road vehicle, and rushed towards Yin Kuang quickly. A huge hammer struck down from top to bottom. Before the hammer arrived, Yin Kuang already felt a pressure coming from the sky. Yin Kuang quickly retreated, and the big hammer hit the sandy ground with a bang. Sand and rocks flew everywhere, stinging Yin Kuang’s cheek. Yin Kuang took the opportunity to step on the head of the big hammer, holding Qingzhi Duanshui in his hand, and struck the monster’s head with one sword after another. No matter what kind of biological weapon you deal with, attacking the head is the most direct and effective way, and the same is naturally true for dealing with these three-headed and six-armed monsters.
Unexpectedly, the three-headed and six-armed monster suddenly turned around, or the part of the body holding the hammer turned around, and the body equipped with the drill faced Yin Kuang. The two drill bits screamed and stabbed at Yin Kuang. Yin Kuang didn’t dare to use his body to carry that thing. As soon as he turned his hand, the two weapons were pressed against the tips of the drill bits. Suddenly, sparks flew out like raindrops. At the same time, Yin Kuang’s arms were trembling, his mouth was numb, and he could hardly hold the weapon. Then the three-headed and six-armed monster exerted force, and Yin Kuang was pushed away.
/“What a terrifying power!” Yin Kuang was secretly surprised, “It seems I can’t underestimate you anymore. Let’s use all our strength!”
G form activated!
After Yin Kuang landed on the ground, the three-headed and six-armed monster took advantage of the situation and pressed forward. The sledgehammers in his hands spun up, and then swept towards Yin Kuang. Amber light flashed in Yin Kuang’s eyes, and the movements of the three-headed and six-armed monster became slower in his eyes. Then Yin Kuang stepped back, dodged the swipe of the big hammer, and then kicked the ground again. The double blades in his hands ignited a purple flame, and pierced the joint between the three-headed and six-armed monster’s body faster than lightning. According to G Eye Technique’s feedback, that’s the weak spot! With one stab, Yin Kuang then scraped hard, splitting the two bodies that were originally sewn together.
The three-headed and six-armed monster roared in pain, and then used two drills to head towards Yin Kuang. Perhaps it was the stimulation of severe pain, but this time the speed was fa