all passed the highest point, it began to fall, and the hearts of the fans at the scene were getting higher and higher.

all passed the highest point, it began to fall, and the hearts of the fans at the scene were getting higher and higher.
A penetrating voice came through the loudspeaker.
It was like a basin of cold water was poured directly on the fans’ heads, and the fans’ high-hanging hearts suddenly fell.
Durant, a sure kill!
“He did it!”
Brin shouted in surprise from the commentary box.
When this marathon race reached the end, they were the first to rush through!
From the downturn of consecutive fouls before falling behind by 24 points, to the shining performance when chasing points, and then to hitting the buzzer-beating ball.
This game is simply Durant’s counterattack!
It is no exaggeration to say that this game is definitely one of the most critical games in Durant’s career.
And after hitting the winning goal, what happened on the court was something that many people didn’t expect.
Originally, if anyone hit a buzzer beater, his teammates would rush to that person to celebrate.
Then, the rest of the Warriors were chasing Durant, and Durant was chasing Sun Hao.
This scene looks particularly special.
But it’s completely understandable for Durant to do this, because the two consecutive opportunities were given to him by Sun Hao!
Sun Hao also looked happy. He won the game and Durant became normal again. Double happiness!
It’s just a pain for the fans at the scene.
They did give some cheers to Sun Hao at the beginning, but no one would feel comfortable after experiencing a game in which the home team led by 24 points and was reversed!
The faces of the Clippers players were also ugly, especially Kobe.
There is enough reason to believe that he and the Clippers will play more fiercely in the next game than this one.
But now, the Warriors players don’t think about the next game. They only enjoy the joy of victory in front of them!
A group of people shouting on the court, that kind of team atmosphere is what a young team should have.
After the wild celebration, Durant was grabbed by reporters for an interview.
He made 6 three-pointers tonight and scored 28 points, especially in the second half.
Facing the reporters’ cameras, his excitement remained undiminished.
“Never give up!”
When reporters asked about the secret of the Warriors’ reversal, he even said what Sun Hao said.
Of course, his words are always deeply personal.
Because his next words were.
/“Sun said that!”
This also directly amused the reporter.
Can you be more real?
In addition to Durant and Sun Hao, another person that the media is paying special attention to today is Landry.
Landry played well tonight and scored 17 points and 7 rebounds. Both points and rebounds set a new record for his scoring in a single playoff game.
After breaking two records in a row, he was very happy and smiled in front of the reporter’s camera.
It was this move that exposed his leaky front teeth.
This scene will also become a classic scene in Landry’s NBA career.
On social media after the game, Warriors fans were al