inarys reported the situation to the military in the war zone. The military in the theater did not say either support or opposition. They instructed the two military extraordinarys to find and bring back the ‘pregnancy crystal’ before they could leave the Guardian Star. This Nothing has changed.

It was at this time that David returned to the academy base, just in time for negotiations between the two parties.
“Kenny, this is a war zone, you must obey the military’s orders!” Justin said in a deep voice.
Just look at the first two chaofans stationed here. One died in battle, and the other was seriously injured and lost his combat effectiveness.
Those two extraordinary situations may be their future results, so they cannot stay in the Guardian Star and stay here in obscurity for decades.
/“Kenny, do you know the consequences of offending the military?” Justin Chaofan also threatened in a deep voice.
At the moment when Justin Chaofan issued the threat, he felt the threat of death.
Relying on the perception of danger, he looked in the direction of the danger. It was David’s intention to expose his murderous intent. A Gauss cannon was aimed at the frigate flagship that Justin Chaofan was riding.
The frigate flagship had obviously different markings among the more than forty frigates, and David recognized it at a glance.
At the same time, Kenny Chaofan also shared his negotiation process with the military so that David could understand what was going on.
To be honest, David doesn’t want to go to war with the military, because no matter who loses or wins, the final result will not be good.
That’s why David deliberately leaked his murderous intent to let the frigate flagship know that he was being targeted.
“Master David is back!” Justin Chaofan blurted out almost immediately. He knew that it could only be David who could give him such a strong sense of threat.
You must know that David used the Gauss cannon to snipe the “Stoneskin Worm” King, which many people have seen. In addition, it has been recently circulated that the two extraordinary people on the Erto satellite were sniped by two heavy laser cannons. They have this ability. , and the only one who had a grudge against Ertoki was David.
So as long as David controls a heavy defensive weapon, within its range, even if he is extraordinary, he has to think about the consequences.
/Afterwards, the two of them were unable to escape David’s sniper kill, and escaped in front of David who was manipulating the Gauss cannon. The two of them had no confidence in being extraordinary.
Justin Chaofan and Julius Chaofan could not bet on whether David would miss, because they learned through various intelligence that David had never missed and was an extremely terrifying existence among the ‘Sniper Masters’.
What was originally a confrontation between the two sides turned into an extremely embarrassing scene for the two military heroes because of David’s sudden intervention.
“General Justin, I can let you two Chaofan enter the base. As for using battleship scanning, the


If things were that simple, the rebels wouldn’t be able to grow to this point.
Misfortune never comes singly. While the situation in Mysia Province was being discussed, three more letters for help came from the front.
The Minister of Military Affairs, who was originally confident, was suddenly dumbfounded.
Simply suppressing the rebellion, the Kingdom of Hesse is naturally not a problem. But the problem is that most of the kingdom’s main forces are gathered on the front line.
According to the original idea, in addition to a part of the troops left in the royal capital, the main responsibility of the kingdom’s standing army was to garrison the borders, and the noble private army was responsible for maintaining local security.
No one thought that this perfect military structure would be broken after the cult rebellion and natural disasters.
The more chaos occurs in the country, the less they dare to mobilize the army on the front line. It would be a tragedy if the foreign army took advantage of the situation and came over to kill them as soon as the front leg of the army moved.
The army remaining in the royal capital has been mobilized three times. If we continue to mobilize troops from within, everyone will not be able to sleep.
The sudden change in the situation made things suddenly complicated.
Under normal circumstances, the great nobles would not ask for help from the royal government. After all, it is your own territory, and no one wants to be told what to do.
Four provinces were forced to ask for help from the royal government. You can imagine how dangerous the local situation was. If it continues to get worse, it will really be the end of the dynasty.
Alexander V, who regarded himself as a great leader, would never allow this to happen.
“Everyone is mute!”
“Aren’t you pretty capable at normal times? Why do you become mute at the critical moment?”
“And these four idiots asking for help can’t even protect their own territory. What a waste!”
/The chattering and angry sounds continued to surround everyone’s ears. At this moment, Alexander V no longer had the monarchy demeanor of the past.
/Perhaps he had been holding it for too long, but suddenly he let it go, and Alexander V felt particularly relaxed.
The anger that had been accumulated was almost vented with a burst of output, and his tone gradually returned to calmness.
“Let’s talk about it. What should we do now?”
The topic was suddenly brought back to the track of solving the problem. Everyone who bowed his head and was scolded was very uncomfortable and almost suspected that there was something wrong with his ears.
After hesitating for a while, the prime minister, Duke Milton, replied bravely: “Your Majesty, in view of the deteriorating situation in the country, we must prepare for the worst.
Judging from the intelligence collected from various places, rebels of varying sizes have appeared in almost every province. It is feared that they will be unable to mobilize troops from other provinces to quell the rebellion.
For the current solut


“Could it be that the pattern on the surface affects the signal of the ‘K2 military electronic countermeasures instrument’?” David whispered.
He controlled Shadow Warrior to fly to the aircraft and wanted Shadow Warrior to enter it. However, Shadow Warrior encountered huge resistance this time. This resistance was so strong that Shadow Warrior failed many attempts.
Looking at the aircraft in front of him, David felt helpless.
If he had a second-level long sword in his hand, he would have the idea of ??splitting its outer shell.
He had a feeling that the aircraft in front of him was more precious than Galen’s Black Phantom, because he could understand the Black Phantom, but he couldn’t understand the aircraft in front of him at all.
David had the feeling of standing beside a mountain of treasure but unable to enter it.
In the Interstellar Federation, aircraft are extremely valuable means of transportation. Although there are permission requirements that require drivers to have certain social permissions, it is the dream of almost everyone.
The Black Ghost, like Galen, can fly inside the rock star planet at super high speeds. Even if it encounters a second-level Zerg, it can escape at its speed, not to mention that the Black Ghost has the ability to fly into space.
“Hey!” David sighed. After many experiments, he finally gave up the idea of ??claiming the aircraft in front of him as his own.
He looked at the time. The lunch break was almost over and he had to leave.
At this time, he also understood why trainer Jeremy had come over. It was to prepare for the night’s operation and to check the status of the aircraft in advance.
It’s just that David doesn’t know where the so-called transportation point is, and he needs such an aircraft to send it there.
He reluctantly closed the ground, carefully cleaned up the traces, and then left the warehouse. He once again used the ability of Shadow Warrior to avoid the workers and left the garbage disposal factory through the side door.
The Gladstone III was parked in the darkness not far from the garbage disposal plant, where it could not be illuminated by street lights, and the body of the Gladstone III could not be seen from the street.
David was sitting in the car at this time, with a scabbard on his back and a replica of the ‘Eye of Death’ covered by a cloth in his hand.
Although the sound of the ‘Eye of Death’ replica is loud, this is an industrial area. There are almost no people here at night. At night, the safety here is completely handed over to the security system.
/David spent the entire afternoon breaking through all the security systems in the nearby industrial area and then installed control programs in them.
Since he brought the ‘Eye of Death’ imitation here today, he just wanted to solve the trouble remotely.
Sniping a person without exoskeleton armor, no matter how strong the person is, cannot block the power of the ‘Eye of Death’ imitation.
Although the power of the ‘Eye of Death’ imitation is not even one-tenth of the real ‘Eye of Death

the door of the cage opened, and the white rat jumped out.

David also moved, his speed was faster than the white mouse. The white mouse had just escaped from the cage and when its body was still in mid-air, David came to the side of the white mouse.
Because the speed was so fast, David still had time to adjust his body before swinging out the ‘Super Spur’ in his hand.
It can be said that this white rat died under such a weapon, and it was definitely luckier than the other white rats. There are not many “extraordinary weapons” in the Interstellar Federation, and most of the “extraordinary weapons” have become collections.
When the ‘Extraordinary Army Spike’ was swung out, David’s arm disappeared for a while. This was the effect of his spatial ability. Driven by the ‘Extraordinary Army Spike’, his arm made an ultra-short-distance space jump.
Then the ‘Extraordinary Military Spur’ was pierced into the body of the white rat. Because it was a test of its power, David did not choose the vital parts of the white rat, but pierced it into the back of the white rat.
Although this part is also very important, it will not cause the rat to die instantly.
The white rat was impaled on the ‘Extraordinary Army Spike’. It didn’t even struggle, it just stood still, and then fell from the ‘Extraordinary Army Spike’ to the ground due to gravity.
In the process of falling downward, David felt that the falling speed was abnormal.
He looked at the falling speed, as if the density of the white rat had changed, causing it to fall faster than normal.
Having reached David’s current strength, his eyes can see some extremely small differences.
The eyes of this white rat are still moving, but the body cannot move at all. It seems to be still alive, and there is no imaginary petrification outside the body.
“Jonson, get the white mouse to the workbench!” Master McIntosh said to Jonson’s assistant with great interest.
“Master, the weight of this rat is wrong!” Assistant Jonson immediately felt something was wrong when he lifted the rat, and he reported to Master McIntosh.
Master McIntosh nodded. At this moment, the white mouse was placed on the workbench. A fixed lock appeared on the workbench and stuck the white mouse on the workbench.
/He took out a laser knife and cut the skin of the white rat’s back wound. As soon as he cut the skin, he saw rocks.
On the back of the white rat, a rock appeared under the skin.
/Needless to say, this is the effect of the ‘Super Spur’. The petrification ability caused rocks to appear on the back of the white mouse.
Master McIntosh continued the dissection, and then David finally understood why the white mouse could not move.
The ‘Extraordinary Military Spur’ is pierced into the back of the white rat, where there is the spine. When the ‘Extraordinary Military Spur’ pierces the skin and comes into contact with the spine, the petrification ability is activated, converting the spine and a piece of flesh and blood into rock.
The white rat that lost part of its spine, of course, lost its ability to move


At one point, Hudson even doubted whether some of his colleagues had traveled through time and had a difficult life, and that was why he created such a mysterious organization.
/If you think about it carefully, it’s wrong.
The July Party has been shouting slogans for hundreds of years, but it has never been launched. Doesn’t it mean that people are trapped in a coffin?
Baron Kettle replied affirmatively.
If there were better options, he wouldn’t talk to Hudson about it.
However, when it comes to a mysterious organization like the July Society, even the closest people around him may betray him.
The only exception is Hudson.
Anyway, Hudson was also present that day, so he was considered a half-informant. He also had business dealings with the July Society, and it was difficult to explain clearly once the news got out.
Reaching out and rubbing his forehead, Hudson didn’t know whether to be grateful that he was cautious enough or to scold himself for not being greedy.
You should have known earlier that it was the July Society who purchased the weapons, and he would not do anything in this transaction.
/Fortunately, things stabilized that day and we didn’t go out on our own just to make huge profits. Otherwise, once this thunder explodes in the future, he will be shattered to pieces.
Now all the major arms dealers in the kingdom are involved, which is actually a good thing.
The law does not punish the public. No matter how powerful the thunder explosion is, there is still a large group of people who share the risk. There is a high probability that no one will continue to delve into this issue.
“Baron Kettle, I just want to exchange for some life essence. Compared with helping you get rid of the July Meeting, the risk is not at the same level.
Even if you refuse to do this business, there will be other Northern Xinjiang nobles who will do it.
Besides, why do you think I have the ability to help you with this?
Or do you think that the July Association is so weak that a little baron like me can influence their decisions? ”
Hudson said angrily.
If you were in the Northland, if you came to your door to exchange for life liquid, you would most likely be rejected.
But this is the southeastern province, and as long as you are careful and cautious, you can completely hide the past by conducting transactions in secret.
The Life Liquid is also unmarked. Who knows where the Koslow family obtained it?
If the Rocknard family had the time to keep an eye on the Koslow family’s every move, they might as well just send people over to exterminate the family.
If you didn’t do this, you would naturally have some considerations. Even great nobles must abide by the order in their circle.
Even the five wealthy families in the North are just playing around with borrowed knives to kill people, but they are not so arrogant as to personally lead people to kill all the noble families.
Just killing someone with a borrowed knife makes them infamous. If you do it yourself, then don’t think about mixing in the ar

usly thought that this was the military’s protection of Mr. Hans. As long as Mr. Hans’ safety was not endangered, it would be fine. No question, now combined with this transport ship, the intelligence analysis team believes that the danger level is very high and needs to report to you! “Reported by Alva Master Hui.

David understood why this intelligence agent issued a level 2 alarm. Perrin City was just a small city, and except for the two ‘national warriors’ he and Hans, there was nothing to attract others’ attention.
This kind of transport ship with military markings but not a war zone is a problem in itself.
Level 2 alert means there is a certain degree of danger and requires attention.
The Kerr Intelligence Organization has always secretly protected Hans’ family. If Hans needs to be reminded, some intelligence agents will inevitably be exposed.
“Alva, notify my father Hans immediately, and also inform my teacher Galen Chaofan!” David ordered in a deep voice.
“Yes, sir!” Master Alva responded.
After the call ended, David stood quietly in the room. His expression was extremely cold. His heart was not as calm as on the surface. He was now like a volcano, ready to erupt at any time.
If there is anyone who is his biggest opponent in the world, then it is Hans.
Hans, Bertha and little Edie are sitting at the dining table having breakfast. Now Hans has recovered a long time ago. He gets up early in the morning to practice. Although he is old, he still hopes to recover a little bit. Combat strength.
The doorbell rang at this moment, and Hans and Bertha were both wondering who would call at this early hour.
Hans stood up and went to the door to open it, only to see his neighbor Domit, who had moved here just a few months ago.
“Mr. Domit, what’s wrong?” Hans asked doubtfully.
“Mr. Hans, I am Lord David’s man. There is danger approaching. Please bring your family and follow me!” Domit showed Hans a certificate certified by David and said.
Hans glanced at the certification documents. David’s authentication was authenticated using an identity bracelet. This kind of authentication cannot be forged in Skynet.
“Okay!” Hans believed David. Although he didn’t understand what happened, his military experience still made him respond immediately.
He turned around and picked up little Edie, then pulled Bertha away.
Domit placed a micro-monitor at the door, and then took the Hans family to his residence next door.
At this moment, a transport ship in the sky was descending towards Hans’ home.
“Why so fast!” Domit was shocked and couldn’t help but speed up his movements.
He led the Hans family into the basement, and then opened a secret door in the basement, which revealed a reinforced underground passage.
It is not easy to dig such an underground passage in Perrin City. This is a war zone, and the underground is part of the city’s security system.
/Hans was surprised when he saw a small high-speed spacecraft parked in the passage.
“Mr. Hans, this spaceship is traveling along the passage. The entrance is outside Per

he very least, the cause of death of Ma Liyang and Zhang Huayan can be found from Duan Mingdong’s death, and even the evidence of their death can be directly found.

he very least, the cause of death of Ma Liyang and Zhang Huayan can be found from Duan Mingdong’s death, and even the evidence of their death can be directly found.
So after I came back from Zhang Ziang’s residence. I even watched the CD that Fan Zhen gave me that night.
The CD has two parts, one is Duan Mingdong’s and the other is Guan Qingxia’s. I watched Duan Mingdong’s first in order, and the key parts were edited out of both copies, both lasting about half an hour.
/At first, I only saw Duan Mingdong sitting on the sofa. He seemed to be watching TV, but the TV screen was black, so Duan Mingdong was not watching TV at this time. Instead, he was in a daze. For the past two minutes or so, he had been in a daze like this. He didn’t know what he was thinking, and he didn’t even move at all.
The scene lasted for about two minutes, and then he suddenly stood up. Because there was no sound, I couldn’t hear what happened, but judging from his movements and expression, it seemed that someone was coming, because I saw him quickly He walked to the door and quickly opened it.
But from this angle, I could see him standing by the door, but I couldn’t see who was outside the door. I couldn’t record the scene outside the door. I saw Duan Mingdong standing at the door without moving, but he seemed to be talking to someone. , and then there were some physical movements, but you couldn’t see who was outside the door. They talked for about three or four minutes. Finally, the person seemed to leave, and then Duan Mingdong came in and sat down on the sofa again. , but after he came in, he seemed to have an extra vial in his hand, a white vial. I saw him sit down on the sofa, unscrew the cap of the white vial, and then point the bottle mouth at his own mouth, pouring all the contents into his mouth. Then he threw the white vial into the trash can, picked up the water glass on the table and swallowed the contents in his mouth. I thought the vial might be some medications.
After doing this, he leaned on the sofa again, but when he leaned up, I saw him glance towards the fish tank, and then grinned at the corner of his mouth, looking a little weird, and then he raised his head I checked the time on my wrist, so I just kept leaning on the sofa, as if I was resting my mind with my eyes closed, and never moved.
The scene basically stayed like this for another fifteen minutes. During this period, he opened his eyes several times. Every time he opened his eyes, he would look towards the fish tank and then make the same action. It seemed that he knew that there was surveillance in the fish tank. Or maybe he had placed the monitoring device in the fish tank.
Contact the monitoring location in the fish tank, as well as the hidden space in room 801, and 801 is his property, so he should have installed this monitoring system well, including data upload equipment.
He opened his eyes and looked at the fish tank about once every two minutes. After the last time, he raised his hand to look at his watch again, then stood up from the sof

0 frigate behind him made a low explosion.

That was when the energy in the engine of the No. 10 frigate exploded due to damage to the engine. At least the area dozens of meters closer to the engine was destroyed.
The frigates here were very close, only more than fifty meters away. In addition, David’s surprise attack was so fast that the engine of the No. 10 frigate was destroyed before all the frigates had time to react.
David flew against the wall of the ship and flew towards the No. 9 frigate. The close-range firepower on the No. 9 frigate was activated, and dense bullets flew towards David.
David rushed past the No. 10 frigate, and his momentum slowed down. Only then was he locked by close-in defense fire. This self-locking close-in defense weapon does not require any command. It will automatically lock when an enemy is approaching. excitation.
David was well prepared. He threw the ship wall marked by the fourth-grade ‘deceleration epee’ in his hand, which immediately attracted some close firepower. He blocked the fourth-grade ‘deceleration epee’ from his body. before, accelerating again.
He heard the dinging sound coming from his body, but it was not easy for these non-grade bullets to break through his exoskeleton armor.
David only needed to prevent bullets in front of him and slow him down. As long as a large number of bullets did not hit him at the same time, with the powerful engine of his golden exoskeleton armor, he did not have to worry about being blocked.
The distance of fifty was very short. After two breaths, David rushed to the frigate. His figure just flashed and disappeared outside the frigate, leaving an extra hole in the frigate’s hull.
/With the last experience, he became more proficient this time. He ignored everything else and just used his speed, the sharpness of the weapon and the master-level ‘Epee Space Cutting’ ability to rush towards the engine.
Sirens, flashing lights, and angry roars all flashed and disappeared as David continued to pass through the wall. It was a complete joke to deal with a strong man holding a fourth-level weapon inside the battleship.
“Everyone separate, disperse, disperse immediately!” When Captain Ebenezer saw the image coming from the light screen in front of him, he ordered loudly.
/In just over ten seconds, the engines of the two frigates were destroyed and they completely lost their combat effectiveness.
At the same time, Captain Ebenezer also saw clearly the appearance of the soldier through the transmitted picture. Although his face was hidden by the mask, the golden exoskeleton armor was the iconic costume of the ‘Federal God of War’.
“That soldier is David!” Captain Ebenezer exclaimed.
Now that David is here, he doesn’t need to attack the military base to complete the mission.
To be honest, if you risk attacking a military base, you must silence them, and kill all the soldiers in the entire base without leaving any one behind.
Once any evidence is left, Admiral Longfellow cannot protect them no matter how powerful he is.
Now that he found

god he had encountered before.

“Search and see if you can find anything!” Dick Sky Knight also said with a disappointed look on his face.
This time they had offended three great nobles and chose to take matters into their own hands and steal the mission from three young knights.
Although the enemy’s strength is too strong, no one is stupid. With Baron Arthur’s two sky knights here, even if the three sky knights don’t take action, this mission will not be impossible.
If they can’t find the ‘Idol of the Ancient God’, their attack on the temple this time is equivalent to making a wedding dress for others.
You must know that they have negotiated terms with Baron Arthur. They will give Baron Arthur the credit for breaching the temple this time in order to obtain the option of Baron Arthur not to intervene.
Now the temple was breached, but they got nothing.
“There are traces of battle here!” Bernal Sky Knight shouted in the corridor.
/Lydgate Sky Knight and Dick Sky Knight rushed over and saw the thorn fragments in the corridor. They moved forward and saw blood on the ground.
This made the three sky knights look at each other. Could it be an internal strife among the followers of the evil god?
Because there were no corpses on the ground, they could not see too many traces of the battle. The most important thing was that the battle between the five sky knights was too simple and they did not use much strength at all, so they would not leave any traces.
From the more than 20 evil god believers at the beginning to the two fourth-level black-robed priests at the end, during the entire battle, except for one attack by more than 20 evil god believers, it became a one-sided battle between the five sky knights. massacre.
As for the ‘Secret Technique of Thorns’, although it was developed by nobles, it is not surprising that this secret technique, which does not require the power of blood, is spread to the followers of the evil god.
They also don’t believe that anyone can enter the temple if the security pattern of the temple is not broken, unless it is not a human being.
Lydgate Sky Knight and their guesses were correct. David was indeed not in a human state when he entered the temple, but a flash of lightning, which prevented the security pattern from blocking him.
/“There are signs of demolition here. It should be that a portal has been demolished!” Bernal Sky Knight discovered something new on the other side and shouted.
Disappointment arose in the hearts of the three sky knights. Needless to say, some followers of the evil god left through the portal. The remaining followers of the evil god should have dismantled the portal. In the end, for some unknown reason, the remaining followers of the evil god clashed.
“Look again, the believer of the evil god who took away the portal must not have gone far!” Lydgate Sky Knight said in a deep voice.
While the three sky knights were searching, David moved forward underground as fast as he could. He emerged from the ground a few kilometers away from the temple. He used the

enforcement team and the fourth-level sky knights from the Noble Affairs Department went there with a temporary portal. At present, there is only a preliminary investigation, and the detailed investigation is still in progress.

Among the intelligence was a description of Denis Castle, with its almost completely exposed walls, showing the greed of the attackers.
The raiders evacuated Denis Castle and the surrounding city, leaving nothing of value behind.
The description of the battle in the intelligence was two words ‘massacre’. There was no trace of the battle. The entire Dennis family was like a lamb waiting to be slaughtered.
Only the room of August the fifth-level Templar had some slight traces of battle. It was these traces of battle that led intelligence personnel to analyze that August the fifth-level Templar had fallen.
All the items were evacuated, and everyone was killed, but this time it was a city. The strength of the Dennis family was not comparable to that of the Barry family, but the result was the same.
Sheriff Frazier thought about Duke Arthur coming to report the crime with evidence at this time. Looking at the magic amulet on the table and a stack of information, he immediately understood what Duke Arthur was thinking.
/No matter who it is, it will be very difficult to investigate Duke Arthur, because Duke Arthur has produced evidence in advance and reported the case. Unless it can be proven that there is something wrong with the evidence provided by Duke Arthur, or he has obtained the evidence of Duke Arthur. Duke Arthur massacred the Dennis family with direct evidence, otherwise nothing could be done to Duke Arthur.
Duke Arthur is now a Duke and has certain privileges. Coupled with the power behind him and a large number of contacts, he is no longer the powerless little nobleman in the countryside.
Sheriff Fraser shook his head. All he had to do was report Duke Arthur’s report to the chamber, and the chamber would handle it.
He took out a piece of blank parchment, wrote the details of the case reported by Duke Arthur, attached a magic talisman, and transmitted it to the council chamber through a small object teleportation circle.
“Butler Jason, you send someone to Boyo Star to deal with the aftermath. The compensation that should be given will be doubled!” David summoned Butler Jason when he returned to the villa and ordered.
“Something happened in the Boyo Star mining area?” Butler Jason asked anxiously upon hearing this.
No wonder Butler Jason is anxious. As the butler of the Luce family, he naturally knows the current financial situation of the Luce family.
Although Arthur is already a Duke, the family has very little income.
Boyo Star’s mining area is the most profitable of all industries. Although the Kryptonite mining area has no output, the output of the Zijin mining area is higher than the value created by the rest of the family’s industries.
“The Zijin Mining Area and the Black Rock Mining Area over there were attacked. The miners and managers were all dead. Send people ove